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Our Teams

What teams do we have and what do they do?

Our Teams


Sales (National Team)

Our Sales team is responsible for the development and performance of all sales activities. Through our dedicated Sales Team, Demand Optimisation, Customer Service, Sales Support and Business Analytic teams, we strive to achieve our corporate sales targets to ensure the company remains viable and profitable. We are accountable to develop strategies to expand and retain our customer base and to make certain the company's profession image is portrayed to all customers.

National Accounts

Our National Accounts team manages all aspects of account relationships for nationally represented retail banners. Maximising value for our banner groups is achieved through creative sales promotions, new product introductions, assimilation of new stores, and execution of Apotex's Professional Services offerings. These activities are executed and supported through the extensive field force calling on all stores regularly. A strong communication strategy cements the relationships of all stakeholders in the account management process.

Business Analytics

Our Business Analytics Team supports both internal and external stakeholders by turning data into meaningful business information upon which critical operational decisions will be made. Some of the business analytics functions include the management of the business data warehouse, CRM system, dispensary analysis systems, pricing analysis, rebate calculations, and other business tools.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service team is the Apotex contact point for direct customers and the wholesaler replenishment teams, including over 40 wholesaler DC's (Distribution Centres). This team manages purchase orders and the Apotex sales order status in our ERP system. Customer Service communicates priorities and expedites information to customers and the Sales Management team. Customer Service is the pivotal link between the Apotex warehouse functions and Sales Management.


Professional Services

Our Professional Services team develops, implements and manages a suite of unique and innovative professional services and value-add programs offered to Community Pharmacy nationwide. Our programs include, but are not limited to; APO-Wellness, APO-Wealth and iGenerics.

Professional Services also has a pivotal role in liaising with key pharmacy organisations in Australia and key community pharmacy accounts as well as assisting in various Apotex marketing activities.

Portfolio Marketing

Our Portfolio Marketing team is responsible for all aspects of product and brand management. The team's primary focus is to increase the awareness and equity of the Apotex brand through strategic product portfolio management, creative key customer strategies, effective promotional activities and robust market research and analysis.

Due to the rapid and continuing growth of the product portfolio and customers' business needs , the Portfolio Marketing team has developed a broad range of expertise and experience in creating and executing strategies in product launches, assessment of current portfolio and new product ranges, technology initiatives and education and promotional campaigns.


Our Product Packaging team is part of the marketing function and manages all aspects of artwork creation and coordination covering everything from prioritisation, initiation, maintenance, tracking and control of artwork flow. This team liaises with both internal and external stakeholders, involved heavily in Change Control, Product Life Cycle Management (PLCM) and New Product Development (NPD).

The team is tasked to conceptualize, design, prepare and maintain artwork for a range of product types, handling multiple projects at once. The team play a pivotal role in balancing the commercial aspirations of the business with operational requirements, regulatory framework and guidelines.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Planning and Supplier Management

Our Planning and Supplier Management team manages all bulk and finished good supply points including planning and purchasing of product to meet customer demand and ensure delivery performance. The team coordinates the integration of sales forecasts with demand planning so that agreed inventory targets are met and product write offs are minimised. This team also manages the relationships with over 50 suppliers of bulk and finished product to deliver a high supply service level. The team works with a range of stakeholders across the business coordinating new product setups to include provision of information for supplier and item master generation, purchase order creation/placement, forecast creation/placement and work with the respective teams in Portfolio Marketing, Product Packaging and Labelling, Sales, Quality Assurance and Regulatory to effect timely execution of new product supply and successful launches.

Contract Packing

Our Contract Packaging function is part of the supply chain for pharmaceutical products in Australia. Apotex commissions work to third parties to package pharmaceutical products from bulk tablet manufacture into cartons and bottles. Packing specifications and terms are negotiated to supply based on our required style guides, specifications and requirements.

Imports and Distribution

Our Imports and Distribution team manages all international and local shipments of Apotex product into Australia and delivery of the products into our 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) warehouse.

This team then oversees the distribution of Apotex product to our customer base all over the country. The coordination and administration roles within the team are pivotal in maintaining a smooth operation from Apotex to our customers.



Our Finance team works to ensure that the company has the right systems, processes and oversight to ensure operations run smoothly, and that we supply the right products at the right time to our many customers. This includes the payment of staff and suppliers, collections from customers, cash management, budgeting and value-added analysis - all aimed at Advancing Generics!

Information Systems

Our IS team works to ensure the maximum 'up-time' of all our computer hardware and systems, and that we can efficiently communicate and disseminate information to customers, suppliers and co-workers. In doing this, we use the latest technology and devices to ensure all our employees - and particularly our customer facing teams - can provide support wherever and whenever is needed.

Scientific and Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

Our Regulatory Affairs team holds the primary technical role in registering our range of pharmaceutical products with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).

Regulatory Affairs is involved in pre-market assessment, ensure regulatory compliance and prepare submissions to enable the registration of a product, post-market monitoring and enforcement of standards, licensing of Australian manufacturers and verifying overseas manufacturers' compliance with the same standards as their Australian counterparts.

The regulatory function in healthcare industries is vital in making safety and effective healthcare products available to Australian patients.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team ensures that the product Apotex supplies to the Australian market meets regulatory expectations and Apotex's high standards for quality. The team works closely with both internal and external suppliers to develop quality agreements, support new product launches and ensure ongoing product quality and continuous improvement. The team perform product release activities and manage other key quality system processes including customer complaint investigation.

Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information (PV & MI)

Our Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information (PV & MI) team resides within Regulatory and Scientific Affairs. PV & MI is responsible for ensuring Apotex has an effective system of pharmacovigilance in place in order to meet the requirements and recommendations of the Therapeutic Goods Administration and to ensure patient safety. PV & MI is also responsible for the management of medical information, including the provision of medical information to both internal and external customers.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources team develops and implements business aligned initiatives to retain current employees and attract future talent. HR is responsible for a range of broad activities including recruitment and selection, on-boarding, salary reviews, the annual bonus process, training and development, succession planning, employee engagement initiatives and employee benefits.