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Our Culture and Diversity

Our Culture and Diversity

Our Culture

"We strive to achieve a workplace where people enjoy coming to work, are passionate about what they do, love the people they work with and respect each other and the Apotex values."

Our growth profile means that we are evolving on a daily basis and our people enjoy the fact that their roles are interesting and diverse. Working at Apotex means that you will be exposed to a broad range of projects that you would not ordinarily get the opportunity to work on in other organisations. We have a reputation for innovating and leading the market in generics by constantly adding value to our customers and their businesses.

We are privately owned and lack the bureaucracy and red-tape that is associated with the more traditional companies in our industry. Due to our ownership profile, we are often able to take calculated risks for the on-going growth of the business. People joining Apotex often comment about how refreshing it is to work in an environment where they can execute quickly without the unnecessary "red-tape" experienced in other organisations.

We have a very flat structure and an approachable Managing Director who is very much involved in all aspects of the business. With just over 100 permanent employees, we are a small, close knit group of employees with a family-like culture. This is an environment where you are a name, not an employee number, and you are recognised for your effort and contributions which are clearly visible.

We are committed to ensuring we attract and retain the right people who share a unified vision to deliver on our promise of bringing a broad range of high-quality, affordable medicines to customers and patients.

Apotex prides itself on working towards a high performance culture. We focus on managing organisational and individual performance and development.

We believe that the following aspects are the hallmarks of our performance culture:

  • Openness and trust: Honesty and speaking up are encouraged. An environment of trust reduces defensiveness when issues are raised. In an environment when opennes is encouraged, people react more honestly, ask questions more frequently, and are more spontaneous with their comments and ideas.
  • Focus: There is a keen focus on implementation, with team members defining what needs to be accomplished and how. There is a commitment at all levels to remove - not add - complexity from the way of doing business. Being results driven and having fun are not seen as mutually exclusive, but dependent on one another.
  • Playing to people's strengths and appreciating differences: People leaders know their people and effectively match talent and task. They understand their people's strengths and how best to develop them by focusing on closing development gaps and on building on their strengths. Apotex derives great value from our talented people, and conversely, our people get to develop to their full potential and contribute to our collective success. We value the differences of our people and the unique value they each bring to the Apotex success.

Apotex is an ideal environment for you if you like a fast pace, you like to be challenged every day and you prefer to work with bright people who are passionate about what they do and who don't take themselves too seriously.

Our Diversity

Australia's unique history has shaped the diversity of its people, their cultures, and their lifestyles in the same way as the diversity of our people at Apotex have shaped the success of the company in Australia. We embrace our collective differences and support the strengths and opportunities that our individual differences bring to Apotex.