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Published: March 10, 2020

How One Apotex Employee Made a Difference

When Kevin Zhang watched the news of the Coronavirus outbreak in his home country of China, he wondered what he and Apotex could do to help. You could say Kevin has a personal connection. Living in Canada for the last 20 years, Kevin was born in China and still has family there, although not living in the affected areas.

“As I saw the Coronavirus outbreak become a growing concern, I felt compelled to do something to help,” said Kevin, who works on Apotex’s Indirect Procurement team as an Associate Director, Global Category Management.

Kevin says he was moved to see the doctors and nurses working day and night to help patients, knowing they were risking their own well-being in the aid of others. He became especially concerned when he learned that medical team members didn’t always have appropriate protection due to an ongoing shortage of medical supplies. That’s what compelled Kevin to try and do something to help.

The company was already considering what action it could take to help support China and approved a donation amount that Kevin could work with. Kevin quickly sourced supplies that he knew were in high demand by medical teams fighting the outbreak. With the support of Apotex suppliers, he was able to secure a shipment of much-needed items, including protective garments, gloves and shoe covers, now on the way to affected areas in China.

When asked what arranging this donation means to him, Kevin had this to say. “It has been a great experience and a powerful way to live the Apotex Values of Collaboration, Courage, Perseverance and Passion.