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Research & Development

Research & Development

Research at Apotex includes the development of both generic and innovative pharmaceuticals. New generic products have been a critical component of Apotex's growth and have resulted in the development of substantial expertise in formulation development.

Research and Development in ARPL is accomplished by team of highly skilled scientists who strive each day to develop cost-effective, high-quality formulations.

The R & D at ARPL undertakes the following responsibilities:

  • Product Development and Process Optimisation
  • Analytical method development and method validation
  • Stability Studies
  • Technology transfer
The three wings of R & D include:

Formulation Development, which primarily deals with New Product development for regulated markets, submission batch manufacturing and technology transfer of the product within and outside the facility. Formulation Development at ARPL works with a dedicated manufacturing facility for Exhibit batches and contributes to the global success of Apotex by means of New Product Development.

Analytical Research & Development, which primarily deals with method development, Method validations, method life cycle management, product evaluation and analytical support for exhibit batch samples, also involves in new product development analytical research, exhibit stability analysis and regulatory affairs support, the AR&&D department at ARPL also executes the early analytical method development for drug substances for our API group companies.

Product Evaluation & Analytical Support, which studies routine stability, in-use stability, Open Pot study, transportation and bulk stability studies; in addition to providing analytical support to the Apotex group of companies, Formulation Development Laboratory, and Indian Partner Companies.