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Category: Our Giving
Published: April 8, 2021

What is the Apotex Giving Philosophy?

Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Philanthropy have always been part of the fabric of Apotex. Guiding us is The Apotex Giving Philosophy.

Improving access to medicines for millions of patients worldwide is our purpose. We do this by providing affordable, innovative and high-quality solutions. These words not only inspire us in our work but also in our giving. The Apotex Giving Philosophy is intrinsically tied to the three pillars of our purpose.

Communities, and the families that live within them, are strengthened when there is increased access to health and wellness. They are further strengthened when diverse community members, especially the vulnerable and marginalized, are offered affordable healthcare and wellness programming. Communities can be empowered when there are opportunities to encourage innovation and foster fresh approaches. The is the foundation of The Apotex Giving Philosophy.

It’s with great pride that we share our resources and time with organizations that align with our philosophy on giving. It’s a privilege to help build healthier, stronger and more vibrant communities.

Visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page here to read more.