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About Apotex

About Apotex

Fifty years ago, on May 24, 1974, Apotex Inc. was officially incorporated by our founder, Dr. Barry Sherman, marking the start of a remarkable journey. From its humble beginnings with just two employees to the iconic organization it is today, Apotex’s growth and achievements have been nothing short of extraordinary.

Five Decades of Innovation

Over the last five decades, we built a core generics business driven by Our Purpose: We improve everyday access to affordable and innovative medicines and health products for patients and consumers worldwide. From leading the way with biosimilars in Canada to breakthrough launches of complex products in the United States and other key international markets, we have pioneered Canadian innovation and leveraged this footprint to open markets around the world.

Throughout its 50-year history, Apotex has consistently advocated for improved access to affordable medicine, building a solid foundation rooted in positively impacting the patient's journey to health. With significant investment in research and development over the past decade, Apotex improves everyday access to the prescriptions and over-the-counter products regularly found within consumer households. Furthermore, Apotex has emphasized its dedication to patient access through its solid commercial infrastructure, strategic expansions, and significant contributions to healthcare philanthropy by donating to thousands of organizations globally.

Today, we are proud to be the largest Canadian-based pharmaceutical company, represented by:

  • Our top position in the number of prescriptions produced
  • Our diverse portfolio of products
  • Our significant and complex manufacturing capabilities

From humble beginnings as a family-owned operation to becoming a global pharmaceutical leader, Apotex has indeed come a long way and will continue to innovate and serve the needs of patients and consumers worldwide on their journey to health.