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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility
Our Community

As a global organization, we recognize the obligation to support the communities in which we live and work.
Through our collaboration with charitable organizations in Canada and around the globe, we further help by providing assistance to improve the wellbeing of those in need.

The United Way

We have a longstanding commitment to the United Way. Over 24 years, our company has contributed more than $11 million, and are proud to be the largest donor in the Canadian pharmaceutical industry.

Product Donations/Humanitarian Crises

Apotex works with Health Partners Canada International (HPIC). HPIC’s goal is to increase access to medicine in vulnerable communities by working with partner agencies. In 2016, Apotex was recognized by HPIC as a Top Product Donor.

Apotex continually heeds the call for help when humanitarian crises occur. In 2016, $1.7 million of product was provided to the relief efforts in Ecuador following the earthquake that devastated certain parts of the country. In 2017, in the wake of devastating hurricanes, Apotex responded by donating more than $600,000 in product to Health Partners International Canada, Dispensary of Hope and Direct Relief to bring medicine to those affected.


We are committed to supporting the institutions where many of our customers and employees have studied. Since 2001, we have invested $23 million in universities across Canada. This is in addition to our APOcampus program, which provides the opportunity for students to join Apotex as a co-op, summer student, on a contract, or through an internship position.

Our Environment

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Apotex's primary goal is to provide quality affordable medicines to patients around the world. However, there is a direct link between a healthy environment and a healthy population. As a major global organization, Apotex has an impact on the world around us. To help reduce these impacts, Apotex Inc. in the GTA has established an environmental management program with an ultimate goal of having a positive impact on the environment around us.

The main aspects of Apotex's environmental program include pollution prevention, waste reduction, conservation of natural resources (materials, fuels and energy) and commitment to recovery and recycling as opposed to disposal where feasible. Two legislated programs (Ontario’s Toxics Reduction Act and the Medical Returns Program) are outlined below:

Ontario's Toxics Reduction Act

As part of Ontario's legislated Toxics Reduction Act, Apotex investigated ways to reduce the amount of prescribed substances. This is outlined in the following plan summaries:

2012 Plan Summaries

2013 Plan Summaries

2015 Plan Summary

2019 Annual Updates

2020 Annual Updates

Medications Return Programs

As Canada's #1 generics provider, we are among the top financial supporters of all provincially regulated medications return programs. These programs provide consumers a safe and environmentally responsible way to dispose of unused or expired household medications. For more information on these programs and to find a collection location in your area, contact Health Products Stewardship Association at

Health Products Stewardship Association