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Our Canadian Footprint

Development and Manufacturing Overview

The Apotex Group of Companies is the largest Canadian-owned pharmaceutical company, providing more than 300 generic pharmaceutical products to the global healthcare market. Our Canadian workforce contributes to our purpose of improving access to medicines for millions of patients worldwide with a highly-skilled workforce using state-of-the-art equipment. Our R&D and production facilities include more than two million square feet throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Signet Campus

Our Signet campus is composed of ten buildings situated within a four block radius of our head office at 150 Signet Drive, where activities encompassing our entire range of product development and production are conducted.

Production activities on the Signet campus focus on oral solid dose products. A large, modern, multi-product facility located at 150 Signet is the cornerstone of production and, in conjunction with our packaging facility at 4100 Weston Road, can produce and package in excess of 750 million dosages a month. Our smaller, dedicated facilities focus on the manufacturing of products requiring additional product or worker protection.

Signet also hosts our corporate functions in dedicated office space throughout the campus.


The Etobicoke site mirrors the production capabilities of our multi-product facility at 150 Signet and also incorporates the equipment necessary to make the coated pellets that are central to many popular modified-release products. This site, originally established in 1993 to service the US market, went through a large expansion in 2005 to increase capacity. This expansion included a state-of-the-art material handling facility with a 10,500 pallet, high-bay warehouse capable of fully automated operation and guided vehicles to conduct heavy lifting.

Research and Development activities for solid dose products are also conducted at the Etobicoke site. An extensive laboratory and pilot plant support the development and data generation for new submissions.

Richmond Hill

Apotex’s facility in Richmond Hill is devoted to the development and manufacture of sterile and non-sterile liquid products. Key dosage forms include ophthalmic drops, nasal sprays and oral solutions. As with all our facilities, the Richmond Hill plant is regularly inspected and has received approval from Health Canada and other significant global regulatory bodies such as the US Food and Drug Administration.

Full R&D capability for liquid dose products is also present at the Richmond Hill facility.
Both aseptically filled and terminally sterilized products are produced within isolator units.