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Practice Resources

Patient Education

Medications will only work properly if they are used correctly. Provided below are helpful videos and counselling sheets with step-by-step instructions on how to use different medication dosage forms. Click the links below to show or print these counselling tips to patients to supplement counselling. Please note, these instructions should be used as a general guideline only, patients should always follow the directions provided by their health care professional.

How to Properly Apply a Transdermal Patch
Personal Medication Records

Personal Medication Records (PMRs) are excellent tools to help patients keep track of their medications. Use these records as both a discussion piece during consultations and as a tool to empower your patients to learn more about their medications, disease-state and monitor their therapy. Encourage your patients to use the PMR to record their medications and progress, and bring them to all doctor's appointments and pharmacy visits.

Personal Medication Records currently available include: Anticoagulation booklets in English.

To get copies of the Personal Medication Records, contact your Apotex Sales Representative.

Anticoagulation Booklets

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