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Global Social Responsibility

Global Social Responsibility

As a global company, we provide strong support for institutions, universities even during times of crisis.

The United Way

We have a commitment to The United Way which is an association focused on generating relationships with charities to carry out improvements in the communities where it participates, always aiming for social improvement. For 24 years, we have donated more than $11 million Canadian dollars (CAD) to this institution, and we are proud to be the largest donor in the Canadian pharmaceutical industry.

Donations/Support in Times of Crisis

We work with Health Partner International Canada (HPIC). HPIC’s goal is to increase access to mediciness in vulnerable communities by working with partner agencies. In 2016, we were recognized by HPIC as one of the main donors.

At Apotex® we continually provide support when humanitarian crises occur. In 2016, $1.7 million CAD of product was provided to the relief efforts in Ecuador, following the earthquake that devastated certain regions of the country. In 2017, in the wake of devastating hurricanes that affected several cities, we responded to the need by donating more than $600,000 CAD in product, to the HPIC organizations, Dispensary of Hope and Hope and Direct Relief to make the medicines affordable for those affected. Likewise, in 2017, we helped government institutions with donations of medicines to support the victims of earthquakes in Mexico.


As an example of the support we provide to universities, in Canada, we work together with the educational institutions in which many of our clients and collaborators have studied. Since 2001, we have donated $23 million CAD. This is additional to the APOcampus program, which provides an opportunity for undergraduates to join Apotex® as interns.