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Rejection and Return Policy

Criteria for acceptance of returns and refusals of product

All purchase orders are considered FIRM sales, so under no circumstances should the SALE OF MERCHANDISE ON CONSIGNMENT be considered.


A product rejection will only be accepted under the following circumstances:

1. Non-requested products. - When the product billed and delivered does not comply with what is requested in the customer's purchase order and therefore the product is not accepted.

2. Damaged or spoiled products. - Products that at the time of being delivered to the customer's warehouse, show visible physical damage such as: stained, wet, broken, crushed, the primary packaging was torn, broken, etc.

The client will have a period no longer than 24 hours after the product has entered their warehouse under the agreement of "subject to inspection", to notify the rejection of the product to the Apotex KAM, for the collection of the product and accordingly to the reception policies that the client applies.

If the product has evidence of being damaged because of some improper handling by the customer, the rejection will not be accepted and the Apotex transport will present a photo of the shipment as evidence, verifying the conditions of the merchandise prior to delivery.

3. Products with short-term expiration. - If the products that are being delivered DO NOT COMPLY with the necessary expiration that was indicated in the purchase order or it doesn not abide by the prior agreement of the Sales department and the client through the exchange letter, this product will be subject to rejection and the KAM and AR department must be notified.


After inspecting, the client has 24 hours to notify the Apotex KAM when there’s missing product, in order for the corresponding credit note to be processed.


The right to return does not apply, unless the following aspects are presented:

1. Discontinued products. - When a product is discontinued by Apotex, KAM will notify the customer in writing, from the date of notice, the customer will have three months to return the product.

2. Products in recall. - When the products are withdrawn from the market due to health indications, Apotex, through the Sales department, will notify the customer in writing, to carry out the corresponding return.

3. New Products. - New products have an additional period between 30 and a maximum of 90 days, to guarantee the sale in accordance with client policies. If this period is exceeded, there must be a written authorization from Apotex Commercial Department and the accounts receivable department must be notified.

Returns of discontinued, new or recall products will be recognized at 100% of the current invoice price at the time of generating the return order.

4. Expired products. - The expired product is subject to return and may be received up to three months before the expiration date, within the current month, or a maximum of three months after it has expired.

In case of exceeding the maximum stipulated expiration time that was stipulated (3 months), the return will not be accepted unless authorization is obtained from Apotex's Commercial department and the merchandise is returned in a classified and related manner by year of expiration.

Returns of expired products will be recognized at 50% of the invoice prevailing price at the time of generating the order for return, in accordance with the written agreements that each client has and it must include and / or indicate the invoice corresponding to that sale.

General Conditions

In all the cases indicated above, returns will be accepted as long as the purchases have been made directly to Apotex.

Only returns collected by Apotex will be accepted and accounted for, according to prior notice from the client, review and authorization from KAM and / or Sales Manager, which must be duly related according to amounts and effective date.

Apotex will be in charge of the freight to collect the product, the transport assigned by the CEDIS or the KAM, will carry out the collection at the client's warehouse and send it to the Apotex warehouse.

The returns that the client sends directly to the Apotex CEDIS facilities will not be accepted without an authorization number granted by the KAM to the client for receipt.

We may consider charging the cost of the freight to the client, when the time and policies indicated by the client have been complied with, when the client has not made the delivery in time and form to Apotex.

Under no circumstances a return related to merchandise that the client has destroyed in its facilities will be applied without prior formal authorization in writing by Apotex's Commercial Department; If this situation occurs, the formal manifest of the destruction of the merchandise and the list of the destroyed products must be presented, since Apotex is responsible for the commercial brand.

The client may deduct the assigned amount from the credit note until it is delivered by Apotex.

Reasons that are not acceptted for returns

1. All the products that require a special type of storage and / or temperature control (Cold Network) and / or controlled products (Fractions I, II y III).

2. Products the physical presence of microbial contamination or with signs of having been opened in their primary or secondary packaging or with a detached safety seal will not be accepted.

3. Products in empty containers and loose blisters will not be accepted.

4. Products that have not been sold by Apotex will not be accepted.

5. Products that are not delivered in virgin or new boxes or that do not have the customer's name will not be received.

6. Products that are in boxes that have any sign of damage by some type of plague (rodents) will not be received.

7. Products which expiration date is longer than 3 months and that are not related according to amounts and effective date will not be received